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The History of J. Wetzel:


A very interesting rifle. What do we know about it and its maker? would be nice to have some dimensions and details.  The rifle itself certainly qualifies for the Library, but I think we need some words to go with the pictures.
It appears that the inlay for the rear lock screw has been replaced, but it's still a nice little rifle.  Question, does it have a patchbox?  There are no shots of the right side of the gun.
Yes, more photos and some numbers, if you please. This is a gun by a seldom heard from, but known maker. It deserves a better exposure.
It's a good signed example of this maker's work, which is not commonly seen. BUT, we must have pictures of the front side of the gun as far this is just half the story! It would be helpful to see the rear ramrod pipe as well, and the treatment in that area of the gun.
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