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Ford, J 110221-2
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Courtesy of Dr. Whisker...

Ford, John  (1780-1862).  gun- and silversmith.  1839, corner of Front and Walnut Sts.;  1842, Front and Locust Sts., Harrisburg  [tax; U.S. Census; Harrisburg Directories .].  John was born on 5 January 1780, a son of Peter and Rebecca [Shipe] Ford of York.  In 1801 he moved to Harrisburg.  In 1803 he married Mary Schnevely [1781-1830].  He made a gun that was once in the State Museum in Harrisburg.  In 1807 the Commonwealth paid Ford $704.12 for making repairs to state militia arms.  He died on 31 January 1862  [Egle, Dauphin and Lebanon Counties, pp. 492-93; 2 Hazard's Annals 59]. Ford John, gunsmith, n. Front, bel Locust st [1845 dir.].


The work of J. Ford seems to be relatively uncommon; I have seen only one or two of his rifles in my experience and have heard of a few others. Most, if not all, are flintock. This gun appears to be a very good example of his work and seems to be original throughout, even to the flint lock. Stock wood is nice, the barrel is marked, there are two silver inlays, and the patchbox is distinctive.
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