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David R. Watson

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Re: FFFg in rifles
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Just my two cents on the 1970's powder. I shot a James Lee and Sons - Perth, Scotland target rifle (Scotland wasn't written) on the US ML Team and was using 60GR FFFG with a 495GR cast projectile.
At the suggestion of Litton MCKenzie I purchased screens that were "go-no go" for FFG - FF and FFFFG and poured the Dupont powder into the system. When pouring the FFFG I ended up with a little over half a pound of FFF and the balance of FF with a considerable amount of some great FFFF.
On the range I had to increase the FFF from 60 to 90 grains to get the same results (point of impact) and the overall recoil was noticeably less with the 90 GR charge...more of a shove than a sharp recoil.
Not part of the issue, but with 60gr FFF and use of a mutton tallow/bees wax waffer I never had to clean the bore until after the 13 shot match. We once fired 49 shots and the last 10 shot group at 50 yards was as tight as the first 10


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Re: FFFg in rifles
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Hey David-

Have you tried screening contemporary Goex?

I have a half dozen cans of the DuPont 3f powder dated 72 and 73, but haven't been able to find any real differences from contemporary Goex.  That's surely a measure of the limits of my limited comparisons, but it begs the question about Goex.

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Re: FFFg in rifles
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I would try 3F Swiss as well as 3F Goex -- aside from being labelled blackpowder and graded 3F by their makers, I don't think there is any fair comparison.   Even as cheap as I am, it is difficult for me to keep using the Goex after I had a try with the Swiss, and if the price difference gets much smaller...  Aside from the price difference, the only advantage I found of Goex over Swiss is that if you prime with it also instead of 4F, the Goex does not gunk up the pan in the same way the Swiss does :).


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Re: FFFg in rifles
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When it comes to powder, like in many things, there is no free lunch. One pays for quality, plain and simple. I prefer Swiss for that reason.



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Re: FFFg in rifles
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 I wish I could find a dealer like Bass pro shops that sells Swiss powder by the can. They only carry Goex. I would like to buy just a pound of Swiss Null-B for primer powder.