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Unknown 110302-1
« on: March 22, 2011, 02:07:40 AM »
28 Caliber, 38" barrel.  3 Barrel Key escutcheons.


As stated when this gun was presented in the Antique forum, I find the patchbox engraving of the upper side plate into the butt plate most unusual and worrisome re an added patchbox. The gun with such high quality engraved brassware, appears too simple to have been likely made by the hand of Kunz and others of his skill suggested by the engraving quality. Also there are no toe plate pictures; the toe plate should have similar engraving I would suspect, but it is not engraved at all ( I am told by the owner).
Makers, on reuse of an existing component such as this patchbox, would simply file the sideplates off and fit it (them) up against the buttplate. It strikes me that this is an original rifle, from a good shop, on which the maker made some interesting refinements; patchbox, side plate, forearm inlays and fine piece of wood. It might be the last gasp of a maker/shop such as Kunz as the gun certainly is late in the period.
Some additional photos would help greatly of the side plate, patchbox close ups, toe plate, all inlays, the triggerguard, and the nose cap. I gather that it is unsigned; is there a name on the underside of the barrel? It is a very attractive gun and save for the small caliber, it looks like a pretty classy full stocked plains rifle.

I see it as a re-stock at best, using the Kunz style patchbox and side plate. But I would even question when the re-stocking was done; ie, 19th century, or 20th century.
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