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Volger, Timothy North Carolina
« on: December 14, 2008, 09:40:26 PM »
Volger, Timothy            Longrifle

This history was written by Michael Briggs
 As a new member of American I wanted to say hello and get acquainted and tell you a little bit of my collecting interest. I live in Greensboro, North Carolina and my new wife will only let me buy guns made within 50 miles of my house. (Smile) That was my deal with her when we got married. Little did she know that the largest Longrifle School in the South was 5 miles from our house. There was also five other Longrifle Schools and Seven Confederate Gun Factories within that fifty mile limit.I will post one of my rifles on here today that I think you might enjoy seeing. This small Longrifle was made in Salem North Carolina around 1850 by Timothy Vogler. I purchased it from a family in Old Salem. They claimed that the rifle was made by Timothy for one of his daughters as a Christmas gift. The rifle features a stock made from American Walnut, is hand checkered in the wrist, has a small german silver nose cap, and all english iron furniture including the lock, butt plate, and trigger guard. The barrel looks like a damascus twist style, but it was stained to look that way.The rifle is very small and only about .25 caliber. It is in mint condition having only been fired a few times. The Cap box features a squirrel setting on a log.   Here are three photos.

                                                                              Michael Briggs

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