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W&C Ogden (NY) 110322-4
« on: April 10, 2011, 10:37:17 PM »
Courtesy of Tioga County Historical Society - Owego, NY

This is a highly pleasing example of a good NY rifle which belongs in the Library. That it still has the bullet starter is somewhat remarkable, and it is likely that more items were with the piece at one time. The silver work is ornate and features eagle/game motifs. The patchbox is
very bold and appears to be done in silver. It is very impressive.
Overall work is quite well done and suggests that this was an expensive gun at the time. Thanks to the Tioga Historical Society for permitting it to be shown here.

New York turned out many high quality sporting rifles, often with fine silver work as a main decorative element. This rifle is an above average example of such work. The cap box designed as a large silver deer with highly detailed antlers would probably only be seen on a NY rifle. The spread-wing silver eagle forestock inlays compare nicely with the better work of the renown John Fleeger of Pittsburgh. The use of a back action lock prevented the normal checkering found on the wrist of many better New York guns. Stock wood appears to be maple, rather than walnut, and the gun has double set triggers, both nice features for a NY rifle when single triggers and walnut wood were often used. The guard with a scrolled rear "spur" is a typical NY detail. This is a fine gentleman's sporting rifle of perhaps the 1850s, and should be in the museum. Iif all NY guns looked like this one, I might actually begin to like them!

There is a similar gun with an identical pathbox  on page 55 of " The Kentucky Rifle, a true American Heritage in Pictures". The gun is stated to be signed by N.A. McComas of Baltimore, MD.
What an elegant New York "hunting & target rifle"! Both the quality and condition are excellent.
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