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Unknown 110322-2 (Reading)
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The incise carving and patchbox engraving look a lot like Upper Susquahanna work. Wonder if this might be from there, an early Upper Susquahanna gun, with its "Roman nose, and we are getting mislead by the patchbox finial? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Many who have seen this gun think it is an Angstadt, probably Abraham. It was published in KRA 1750-1850 as "Reading" but no support given. Probably the carving style as it seems similar to many other signed Angstadts.

Yes, I can see the Angstadt attribution, the engraving (and carving) does look like the work of one of the Angstadts. The rifle has a pleasing look, but the lock throws me, it appears that it was changed when the gun was converted to percussion.   It still has that Upper Susquehanna look....could be a Gideon Angstadt?  What about the Albrights?
My vote is for an Angstat origin, and it should be placed in the Library. A direct photo of the carving could perhaps tell us a lot, but we see only an oblique view at an angle. Nice rifle and will complement the other Reading pieces very well.
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