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J. SHELL #359 111227-1
« on: January 11, 2012, 02:09:06 AM »
The following pictures show the John Shell Long Rifle my mother owns.
Her grandfather (Fred Hepburn) came from PA. to NY in about 1900 and as far
as my mother knows brought this rifle with him. She always remembers it hanging
over the fireplace in his pool room.

Photo 118 has the name Henry Parker Clarrantel engraved on it. Iím not too
sure about the last name, itís hard to make out.


I believe the name on the lock is "HENRY PARKER - WARRANTED". 
I think this is a nice rifle, in original flint and in honest condition.  The only thing wrong is the missing muzzle cap and wood, but it doesn't appear that the barrel has been shortened. 
I have reviewed the Shell guns in the Library and all that have a patch box, seem to have an engraved figure of a half round "face" with "spiked hair" (perhaps a "radiant" sun or man in the moon) around the hinge, particularly on the door, at times on the finial. Is anyone aware of similar engraving from another maker?
My wish is that the owner would lose the can of Brasso that seems to have been liberally applied to the patchbox. Wood looks like it has been steel wooled to take off the old stuff, but it is a good honest late Shell rifle with the original third tier type of lock still in it. Other than the cleanup it remains a good gun. It could probably use some minor restoration, but whether it gets that, or not, it is  a good fit for the Library.
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