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Leman 110406-9
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Despite no comment from the owner on whether the barrel is signed, and if so what name is there, the general architecture and furniture of this rifle resemble a Leman product...although the cheekpiece seems a little longer than normal for a Leman rifle. Presuming this is a Leman rifle, it then is a typical working rifle of basic construction, functional but not decorated.
This is a good example of a rifle that Leman  probably  produced by the hundreds .

Talk to the folks in Lancaster, PA and mention a Lancaster Rifle and they start talking about a Leman gun. To them, that is the shining example of a Lancaster rifle. This one appears to fit the description quite well and is a good enough example of a Leman product to be shown in the Library.
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Re: Leman 110406-9
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This piece was a part of my fathers original collection, I still have this one. It is a nice clean piece very long as a matter of fact I believe the barrel is 46" in length, it is a 38 calibre and is stamped H Leman on the lock and atop the barrel. I also have one identical to this one but a bit shorter, same calibre but a little bit prettier. Both of these pieces were of Lemans mass produced body of work.