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Conestoga 110516-1
« on: May 28, 2011, 04:38:26 PM »
H.E. Leman Conestoga Rifle Works late percussion full stock rifle.


Length: 57 inches

Barrel: 41 inch straight octagon, 1 inch across, 3/8 inch flats

Caliber: .36 with seven groove rifling

Wood: Tiger Maple

Trigger Pull: 14 inch

Weight: 10.8 lbs

Hardware: Brass with silver inlays/escutcheons. (Inlays are possibly post-manufacture.)


The attribution of this rifle is highly questionable...unless it is signed on the barrel, and the submission is silent on whether the barrel is signed or not. The stock architecture is not correct for a Leman rifle, in the elongated side facings, thickness through the wrist, and heavy cheekpiece that's very long, and thick on the bottom edge. I think the owner is putting way too much "trust" in the name on the lock plate for his attribution...unless the barrel is signed. If you removed the Ger. silver inlays, this rifle would be a spittin' image of an A. B. Semple rifle of Louisville, KY...but you'd have to stretch the barrel another 3 to 5 inches to be one of his guns.

I have to agree.  It doesn't look like a Leman/Conestoga to me.  I'd guess that the lock is all that is Leman.  Note that the front end of the cheekpiece trails up over the wrist, a detail not seen on any Leman rifle I can recall.
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