Author Topic: 110704-2 Burson Plains Rifle  (Read 10973 times)

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110704-2 Burson Plains Rifle
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There were several gunmakers in the Burson family, but this one appears to have been made by H. J. Burson, who worked in Ashland, Oregon.  I believe I have fondled this rifle in person a few years back. A friend has a collection of Burson rifles, mostly made by Joshua Seth Burson, who worked in several locations in Indiana and also in Wisconsin.
Good examples of Burson's work with nice signatures and some artistic details. Photography would be better if we had "standard" half-shots of front and back, and no angles shots that distort details. But still worth moving on to library. Can we request the owner shoot a couple more photos, and provide the statndard front and rear "half-shot" views from butt plate up to about 8 inches past the lock plate?
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