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Unknown 110816-1
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Probably an Upper Susquahanna smooth rifle; nice that it has the original lock plate intact in the conversion. I am concerned that the patchbox, while appearing old and on the gun for a long time, may not be original to the gun. Of concern are the side leaves that go well beyond the hinge, and the two screws in the finial above the hinge that are located in a non-standard position (too far inward) that is unexpected on a gun of this vintage. The finial is interesting due to the "preening eagle head " on its top side.

My first impression was that this is an Upper Susquehanna gun. On closer inspection I've changed my mind somewhat and now believe this is a Reading area rifle. If I had to guess I'd suggest an Angstadt family connection by virtue  of the stock architecture and the distinct sideplate. No matter, a nice rifle!
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