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Rainy NY Deer Opener - Success!
« on: November 18, 2008, 03:07:13 PM »
Satruday was the opener of the regular season opener here in western NY. To say it was miserable weather would be an understatement. We hunt at the family camp along the Pennsy border in the southwestern part of the state. Been going there since I was 2 when it was built and this was my 35th year chasing deer there.

I've taken more than a fair share of bucks with all sorts of guns and have been using muzzleloaders almost exclusively for the last 8 years. I did cave in and use my Sharps a few years back. I decided this year was going to be dedicated to breaking in the flinter I built this year. I never gave the rain a second thought as I headed to my stand, flintlock in hand. My gun is a 58 cal and I'm pushing the patched ball with 110gr of Goex 2f. The load is pretty accurate, as long as I do my part.

About 9:30 I spotted a buck coming toward my stand. It was just mooching along and not at all alerted to my being there. He crossed in front of me at 50 or so yards. I had everything ready, hammer back and a good steady rest. I had been dumping my prime about every hour and had just changed it. He just never gave me the good clear shot I was looking for. I was close to dropping the hammer once, but is just did not feel good, so I held off as he wandered thru the woods and down the hill. It was raining hard and I just did not want to chance a bad hit and a washed out blood trail.

Just before noon, my belly was calling for lunch, I spotted a doe heading my way. I did not draw a doe tag for our area and was hoping she was bringing some company along. The rut is in full tilt here and she did have company. It was the buck I had seen earlier. When he stepped in an opening I was ready. I held high on the shoulder not wanting a long trailing job in the rain that continued to fall. At the shot all I could see was smoke, but it cleared quickly and he was laying right where he stood when I shot. That .570 ball took him right off of his feet.

I've been fortunate enough to take a deer with a selfbow that I made, and now I've taken one with a rifle that I made. I was, and still am, elated! He's and 8 point with one broken tine and is 16" wide. He's not real massive, but a respectable buck for the hill's and woods around our cabin. NYSDEC had their check station open on my way home and he was aged at 2 1/2 yrs.

I have a doe tag for around home and the muzzleloader season is a few weeks off. Hopefully I'll have a few more chances to fill the freezer.

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Re: Rainy NY Deer Opener
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Excellent deer and story too...congratulations!

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Re: Rainy NY Deer Opener
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Great story Buffler. I was hunting in the same rain, in the valley of the Genesee, pretty miserable day, I loved every minute of it. Nice deer!!
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Re: Rainy NY Deer Opener
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Nice Buck and Story
I'm hoping to take my youngest for his first Pa opener in two weeks.
He is insisting on using the longrifle. Must have raised him right

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Re: Rainy NY Deer Opener
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wow.....super............way ta go!........after reading your story,i could imagine being there when you shot........sonny