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111218-4 NE FOWLER
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The Fowler is 64 inches overall with a 48 inch barell. It  has a cherry stock,iron ramrod and the initials J.T. on the lock bolt plate and wrist inlay.The lock is a replacement and was on there when I got it. Some slivers of wood  are replaced along the barell. It looks like the same maker as N.E.19 in Tom Grinslade book FLINTLOCK FOWLERS  The First Guns in America. 


This is a great Fowler (probably New England), I really like the tang carving and side plate, the eagles on the side plate and heel of the butt plate are very unusual.  Actually the eagle on the butt plate is reminiscent of something you would see on a Halbach and Son pistol.  The gun is dark, so it's hard to tell if it has had restoration, but it appears that the lock might be a replacement to me because of what looks like the vestage of a longer lock tail. 
Yes, the lock appears to be a replacement, but the rest of the gun is fascinating. 
This is a fine gun and worthy of study, although it is not what I would consider an "American longrifle".  Early fowlers have always held an interest for me and certainly have an important place in the study of American long guns.
A grand, somewhat late, very fine 1700s NE gun. The Halbach references are right on the mark. Can't tell if it has a bayonet lug, or not, (it would be helpful to know), but doubt that it is a Rev War piece., as it has the Federal eagle and arms engraved on the furniture. It belongs up on the fowler wall with the other great NE guns.
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