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FEDER, G 120113-1
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George Feather (Fedder, Fetter), sr. (-1848). gunsmith. The name of George Feather first appeared in tax lists in 1816, but no trade was given. The trade of gunsmith was taxed from 1820 through 1822, all in Elizabeth Township, Lancaster County. The tax lists of 1823 and 1824 are missing and he was not listed in 1825. His name was included on tax lists in Elizabeth Township, Lancaster County, as late as 1846. At the time of Fetter's death Jesse Pannabecker owed him $2.62. "A true and perfect invento­ry and just appraisal ... of George Fetter, sen., late of Elizabeth Township in the County of Lancaster .... 24th day of July, A.D. 1848,

2 Riffles, $20

a lot of gunsmith tools, $25

2 grindstones, $5

A crosscut, wood saw & an auger, $4

Total of inventory, $386.70

Rifle is 39.5" in length with a total rifle length of 54".  It is .36 cal.
George Feather [Fedder, Fetter], Jr. (-1861). gunsmith. George Feather, Jr., was first taxed in 1835 as a freeman. In 1840 he was called an inmate gunsmith. In 1844 he became a land owner. He was called a freeholder gunsmith through 1849. In 1850 he was taxed as a stone cutter. Elizabeth Township, Lancaster County. In 1853 Clay Township was formed out of a portion of Elizabeth Township. Fetter lived in the portion of Elizabeth that became Clay Township. Fetter died in 1861 in Lancaster. "A true and perfect inventory and just appraisement ... of George Fetter, late of Clay township in the County of Lancaster ....
1 lot of gunsmith's tools, $25

3 Guns and a lot of plains, $12

1 lot of stonecutter's tools, &c., $20

Total of inventory, $1035.71


This is a substantial rifle for an original percussion gun, with attractive, and abundant, decoration for its time period. It definitely belongs in the virtual library...but it would be even nicer if we could get additional pictures, taken closer up, of the large, impressive forestock inlays that are probably well-engraved, along with a better picture of the barrel signature posted in the proper manner that can be read on the screen without having to stand on your head.
I am in agreement with the foregoing comments in all respects. Again some numbers would be nice if the posting is to be expanded. Feder was a quality builder who is largely under recognized. It is a bit strange that he produced a really fine gun here, but used the abbreviated patchbox rather than the full monty. Stiil, it is a very pretty gun and deserves its place in the Library.
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