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per Dr. Whisker:

Jacob Snider (1821-1875). gunsmith and land speculator. 1842-43, Hopewell Township, Bedford County; 1846-55, Liberty Township, Bedford County. We may note that he apprenticed with George Fay. Never have I seen an apprentice so far exceed the master as in this case. Snider then moved to Colorado.  Snider's style strongly suggests that he apprenticed in Huntingdon County. His guns are not typical of the Bedford style. He used commercially manufactured locks and many inlays of well engraved silver. Jacob Snider moved to Georgetown, Colorado, where he mined silver, invested in banking and speculated in land. He may have established his fortune by making, repairing and selling guns. In the summer of 1875 a man named Bishop sued Snider in a land matter. Snider won and immediately after leaving court the other man shot and killed him. Jacob's brother Tobias went to Colorado and brought the body back to Saxton for burial. Tobias inherited Jacob's fortune appraised at an amount in excess of $500,000.


Jacob Snyder, formerly of Stonerstown, Bedford county, a banker in Colorado Territory, was murdered on the 20th of last month, at Georgetown, Colorado. Mr. Snider. learned the trade of gunsmith with Mr. Geo. Fay, of Altoona, some thirty-three years ago.  His remains were brought home for interment.
 [Hollidaysburg Register, June 9, 1875]


Great rifle and good example of this maker's work, particularly the folky engraving, in apparently untouched condition (except for top lock bolt).
Great atttic rifle by a fine builder. Smith was one of the 'Bedford Boys' for a time, if memory serves.
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