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Peter Berry 120221-1
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Many of Peter Berry's guns seem to have been smooth rifles and rifled guns are less common, or so it appears to me in my years of collecting and study. One things stands out above all else though is that his work is rare in whatever form. And, here is an outstanding Berry rifle with the best of his artistry for us to consider. Although this rifle has seen some rough treatment, it is replete with fine, imaginative, carving, engraving, and style. There is nothing to want here in this wonderfully elegant example of the Kentucky Rifle. That said, the photography could be improved and some measurements would help. If these cannot be provided, the gun should be forewarded to the Library as presented. It is too fine not to do so. Imagine that, two Berry guns showing up at the same time! What are the odds here?


This rifle has had a hard life as it was found lying on the ground in a barn about 60 years ago, but it was a terrific rifle when it was made.  The forearm has been replaced from the rear pipe forward, wood replaced at the front of the lock, the lock itself is a replacement as is the side plate.  Even with the restoration work, the rifle is a worthy study piece.
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