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Peter Berry 120221-2
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This rifle surely represents the best that Berry could do and it is impressive. Composition, ornamentation, execution and finish are almost beyond imagining. Working with the tools at hand 200 years ago, it is hard to believe that such a work of art could emerge. Berry was a giant in his craft.
Some numbers on this piece would be particularily nice to fill out the story. It appears to have a half round, smooth bored barrel, but how long is it? And, the other stats would help.Given the architecture, and ornamentation, one wonders if Berry didn't have some influence on the Upper Susq school since there are seemingly many similarities. He was early enough.
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Re: Peter Berry 120221-2
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Was over at my father's tonight and pulled a tape across our P. Berry.  OAL is 62.25 inches, with a barrel length of 46 inches.  Just FYI.

The information above was given in a different thread about this rifle, so I thought it was appropriate to post it here.

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