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Berks/Reading 120210-1
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Berks County fowler.  The barrel is about 54 Cal., 51 long, octagon to round, 1 at the breach tapering to about 5/8 at the muzzle.  The flats run out about 12 then just fade into the round, no wedding band. All furniture is brass.  The only marking on the entire gun is a capital H stamped on the inside of the lock plate.  I did have to make a side plate since I could not find the original at the time of purchase however, the mortise was in excellent shape and the new side plate has the same shape as the original. 


This is a very nice fowler that almost certainly was made somewhere in Berks County, perhaps even in Reading. Lock suggests a date of 1800 plus or minus ten years. The piece is in 'as found' condition for the most part and one would be pressed to say that the sideplate is a replacement. The 51 inch barrel is quite long and not too often seen. Although unsigned and unadorned, it has a classic Berks look. Original flintlock pieces are rarely found, as fowlers were items of daily need and hence used for decades, usually being converted to caplock. This gun looks like it would have been loads of fun to shoot, but a bit of a trial to carry through the woods. Although perhaps overlong, it still should hang on the Library wall of fame.

It is a good, representative flowler that appears to be from Pennsylvania ca. 1800. The gun is a true fowler without cheekpiece or rear sight,  a fowler guard without grip rail, and a single trigger. It has a few screws replaced, probably from having its iron parts rusted at one time. Picture coverage is good, but it would be beneficial to ask the owner for an additional picture illustrating the muzzle, to see how the  forestock terminates and what the bore and front sight looks like.
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