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Atkinson, J. (Ref. 081223-1)
« on: December 24, 2008, 01:21:38 AM »
J. Atkison


Thought to be made by Joel Atkinson of Kentucky. But the pistol style appears too early for Joel Atkinson, who worked very late circa 1870s in Kentucky.  Joel's father, Peter Atkinson, was also a gunsmith, born in 1824 in Tennessee, and moved to Wayne Co., KY in 1844 to work. Perhaps there was another Joel, earlier than the one we know about, down in TN or elsewhere, but if so, he has not been located yet.  (Shelby Gallien)

Southern qualities and a pretty gun besides. It appears to have the middle period English lock plate but it also has the third tier reinforced flintcock of a very late period piece. Patina is good so they have been together for a long time. My guess is that the pistol is pretty old and  that the cock may have been replaced during use period. I would like to see it displayed in the museum.

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