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Lloyd Rifle - Signed (Ref. 081228-6)
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William M. Lloyd - Warriors Mark & McConnellstown.

Lloyd, William (-1887). gunsmith. Williamsburg, “an aged gunsmith, who was born in
Huntingdon, died on Sunday.” [Huntingdon Globe, December 22, 1887

Family members relate that William and a brother ran a warehousing business in McConnellstown. William was an accomplished gunmaker and his brother a gunsmith. The family farm exists today in Warriors Mark Township.

William lost two young sons on the same day in 1839.
Huntingdon County Deaths  1836-1846

From the Hollidaysburg Record, a weekly newspaper of Blair County.


Jun 27 – Robert G. Stewart

Nov 20 – Charles Carroll Orbison (son of William Orbison)

Dec 10 – Dr. John Beal (formerly of Huntingdon) near Mt. Jackson, Beaver County


Feb 18 – John P.M. Stewart

Apr 5 – Mrs. Eliza Wharton (wife of Samuel)

Oct 30 – Thomas Lloyd (sheriff)


Mar 8 – Thomas Moreland of consumption

8 – Rev. Jesse R. Hamson

9 – Thomas King age 57 yrs

July 8 – Mrs. A. Creswell (wife of Jacob)


Jan 8 – Mrs. Eliza Stewart in 34th year

18 – Benjamin Miller

Feb 16 – Dewitt Clinton Bumbaugh

Mar10 – Mrs. Gwin (of Patrick)

19 – John Crawford, Esq.

24 – Thomas Forshey age 60 years

26 – Abram Vandevender

Jun 8 – John Llloyd (son of William M. Lloyd)

8 – David Lloyd (son of William M. Lloyd)

Jul 25 – Patrick Gwin in 80th year


Shortly thereafter he removed to Altoona at the time the Pennsylvania Railroad was being pushed through and set up a new warehousing business. This was subsequently sold to the Bell family and Lloyd apparently became a successful banker.

The Lloyd family states that Lloyd ceased making guns after the death of his sons and before his move to Altoona. Some evidence exists that Lloyd finished his days in the Pittsburgh area after his banking business collapsed in the 1870's.

And so I present William Lloyd...

57.5" in Total Length 42.5" Barrel .36 Cal +/-  Rifled. Toe was broken at one time and a good repair was made with no effort being made to hide it. Other than that, the gun is original and operable. Inlays and metalwork are exceptional. 

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