Author Topic: E. Benson Signed Fullstock - Late (Ref. 081228-2)  (Read 13245 times)

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E. Benson Signed Fullstock - Late (Ref. 081228-2)
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Re: E. Benson
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Ezra D. Benson is documented to have practiced his trade and "art" in Terra Alta,W.VA in 1870. Other records indicate that Benson gunsmithed for over 6o years and originated from Cranberry Summit, in Preston County, VA ( now West Virginia)
The provenance of the gun relates to the name "Jno R. McGinn" engraved in the cheek inlay. Jonthan McGinn was in the mining business in Sewickley, Westmoreland Co, PA, perhaps the reason that there is a "grenade" inlay." It is documented that the gun hung in John Beyer's Saloon in Frederickstown , PA until 1950 when it was acquired by a Monongahela riverboat captain who then sold it in recent years to a antique gun dealer.

The gun is "ebonized" and the extensive inlays are either silver or possibly "aluminum" which was a rare metal in the late 19th C. The barrel is 40", original and
36 caliber. Note his triple stamped barrel signature.

Any reader having knowledge of Jonathan McGinn, Frederickstown and John Beyer's Saloon, please add your information to this thread.

Here is some information from the ALR Archives:
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