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Edmonds, J 120602-4
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John Edmonds
Born:  April 2, 1794 Northampton County, Pennsylvania
Died:  September 28, 1872 Clearfield, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania

John Edmonds worked as a gunsmith in Aaronsburg, Haines Township, Centre County circa 1861.  Before coming to Centre County he worked in Bushkill Center, Northampton County, Pennsylvania.  His father may have been John August Edmonds, a schlossfeiler (lock filer) in Plainfield and Bushkill Townships in Northampton County ca. 1792-1825.   
Ref. “Arms Makers of Pennyslvania” by James B. Whisker p. 80

1850 Federal Census, Pennsylvania, Northampton County, Bushkill Township
John Edmonds, age 55, occupation “Gun Smith”, b. PA; Elizabeth, age 54; Jacob, age 19; Francis, age 18; Thomas, age 17; Lewis, age 16.
Note: The occupation’s of all four sons was given on the census record as “Segar Maker”.

1860 Federal Census, Pennsylvania, Centre Co., Haines Twp., Woodward P.O., p. 2
Jno. Edmonds, age 65, occupation “Gun Smith”, b. PA; Ruth, age 69; Jane, age 5; Sampson Mingle, age 60.
1870 Federal Census, Pennsylvania, Centre Co., Haines Twp., Spring Mills P.O.
John Edmonds, age 76, occupation “Retired Gunsmith”, b. PA; Augusta, age 71; T.G.W., age 36; Clara J., age 14; Clement, age 12; Benjamin, age 11; Emma, age 6.


This is a superb little rifle, and one which I wouldn't mind having up on my wall.
It looks to be pretty much untouched and in an 'as found' condition. Of course the eagle on the PB finial doesn't hurt anything. Send it on!!!
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