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Beck, John Phillip
« on: December 16, 2008, 10:56:03 PM »
An interesting feature of this rifle is that it has  J.P.'s INRI inscribed into the bottom flat near the breach. In a previous post the question came up as to the possible symbolism of three, triple's etc. Well after the I there is a cross, after the N there is a cross with two horizontal slashes, after the R there is a cross with three horizontal slashes and then comes the last I. I have considered the possibility of the trinity? (Father, Son & Holy Ghost) something to ponder. I was going to try to take more time with photographing this rifle. Because you haven't really seen it all. I truly hope everybody enjoys it as much as I have. I collected this rifle more than 25 years ago. I feel that it needs to be shared. I pursue this interest for my own pleasure and for the most part it has been very private. Living in California with a love of Longrifles is much like being on an island. My knowledge is from a dedicated study of books and some gun shows. I have had one friend who was a dedicated collector and generous with his collection. I would like to say my intentions were completely sincere. I should have gone about my postings differently. Hind sight is always 20 20. timTom C..... I hope this helps. It sounds as if you may have a project Beck in progress?Charles, it would be neat to take a photo of One of J.P.'s guns with his head stone as a back drop. If you end up with a photo of his grave site, I would be pleased to have an image.Taylor,...I forgot the front sight, have patience with me and it will follow. It is interesting in that it is sitting on a pad sweated to the barrel. It is a lot cooler than it sounds.Tim,....great name! The front trigger guard screw came later. Kevin,...the hooked breach was a surprise. At least for me. Gentlemen his piece has other details that surprise. So I invite your questions. I will do my best to respond.I am truly pleased to have offered these photo's to this forum. I would like to thank EVERYBODY for all their comments. tim

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Re: Beck, John Phillip
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New Photo Series 12-21-08

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In Memory of Lt. Catherine Hauptman Miller 6/1/21 - 10/1/00 & Capt. Raymond A. Miller 12/26/13 - 5/15/03...  They served proudly.