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Shillito & Son 120820-1
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Courtesy of Whisker:

Samuel Shillito (1794-1852). gunsmith. Samuel Shillito was born in Chambersburg. Samuel Shillito was a soldier in the War of 1812, serving at the Battle of North Point. He was first noted as a single freeman, gunsmith, in 1819 in Peters Township, Franklin County. He married Elizabeth Grubb. Samuel L. Shillito and his son Samuel Miller Shillito are really Chambersburg gunsmiths. For some reason Samuel left Chambersburg and worked in McConnellsburg between 1826 and 1835. He was recorded as "Shalido" and "Shields." They returned to Chambersburg, working there from 1836 until 1852. Samuel died of cholera on 18 September 1852 and was buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery. A number of their guns are known, several of which are marked, S. Shillito & Son in script. The assumption is that Samuel used a script signature while Samuel Miller used a die stamp.

Note upper wrist repair. Other than that I believe the rifle is correct. Overall in nice condition and presents itself well.

Barrel length is a shade under 42"

This is a very pleasing S. Shillito rifle from the Shippensburg area. Aside from an unusual repair at the wrist it appears to be in good condition. Gun has good architecture with nice ornamentation. The engraved eagle inlay in the cheekrest is very finely done. While no measurements are given, the barrel seems to be fairly long. A nicely done brass name  plate in the barrel is a classy feature and states that Samuel was working with his son, (Samuel Miller Shillito), which could help to put a rough date as to when it was made. The Shillitos were Irish and one branch of the family became prominant in Ohio. Samuel Miller went on to become a builder in his own right after his father died, and appears to have stayed in the same area.


A very nice rifle, and I love the signature. ===============================================================   
I can live with the wrist repair on this rifle, since so many of its other details show the viewer what a good Shillito rifle should look like. Great signature that is clear and easy to read, nice, typical patchbox and cheek inlay, and the iron tip on the butt plate heel is a neat detail. The owner should be commended on taking a good series of pictures that fully and clearly show this rifle's many details. I wish all owners would follow the lead on this series of "standard" plus "detail" photographs.
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