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Browning, Abel 121107-4
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A late Garrett County MD Rifle. Made by Abel Smith Browning,(B.1854 D. 1941) Grandson of Meshach Browning. The barrel is a J H Johnston barrel. This rifle has much influence of Bensons of Preston County WV. I would guess that Abel may have learned his trade from one of the Bensons. Preston County WV borders Garrett County MD.Abel built these rifles at his father John Lynn Brownings Farm in Thayerville MD, near Deep Creek Lake. This Rifle is in near perfect condition.

A very late gun, it seems, but it is still a highly facinating piece. It has a lot of Huntingdon County, PA about it and the obituary tells us that Abel Browning, the maker, moved around rather frequently. The fact that is intriguing me is that this gun could very well have been made it the 1900s and by a musically talented maker who broadcast on the radio. Can't tell you why, but that fact is a grabber. This supports the notion that KY Rifles have been made in this country from the mid 1700s or so, down to today without interruption.
As to the gun itself; it's a fine rifle and one that would be fun to own and shoot. It has all of the good aspects of a gun made in the percussion era and is in fine condition. As curt said, "It belongs in the Library."

This is a clean, original rifle that provides a great example of this maker's work. We seldom get a rifle in this condition for the virtual museum, so it provides a fine example of Browning's work. It has good details for such a late rifle, even more than expected in its fancy side plate, cheekpiece inlay, and engraved details...a great example for the museum that we are fortunate to have.
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