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The Britton had a replaced lock and none of the upper forearm was original.     


The owner has been up front about the restoration that was done to this gun. Even with the restoration, this is a pleasing rifle with good architecture.

Britton has been a largely ignored maker down in WVA, but the work he produced compares favorably with that of many more celebrated schools. This a nice, representative example of Britton's work, (which is rarely seen), and the restoration notwithstanding, it should go to the Library. Correct me if wrong, but none of his work there comes to mind.  And, we already have many, many examples of rifles that have had very heavy restoration done, passed through without adverse comment.

I would greatly appreciate an important detail of submissions to be present with this, and future, rifle submissions...either: 1) a picture of the signature or initials (or whatever is left of them), or 2) brief but specific comments from the submitter on why the gun is attributed to a specific maker. Proper identification of a rifle is a critical part of the educational process and value of these submissions, yet it gets over-looked or ignored at times. When a nice rifle has no specific language as to whether signed, signed but obliterated, or unsigned but attributed by the owner, I am less inclined to comment on the in this case. I think we have put one or two guns in the virtual museum with inaccurate attributions by the owners in the past. 
.The rifle pictured here is unsigned.It was attributed to Britton by it's earlier owner Jim Butler.I have since shown it to Brian Lemaster and he agrees with the attribution based on arcitecture and the engraving..
I had an opportunity in the past to purchase a Britton rifle which had similar architecture, style and carving. The patch box was also close to this one in appearance. That piece happened to be signed, and I am comfortable with an attribution on this gun.
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