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121230-2 TN (Unkn.)




Well-made Tennessee rifles, particularly when curly maple stocked, are always great additions to the museum. Whiile I am not an expert on TN rifles in general, this one shows strong TN characteristics in its neatly made iron furniture and long tang. I think there is a good possibility the barrel has been shortened a little at the breech, and the cast pewter nose cap may be a period replacement for the original cap.
I don't know much about these rifles, but liked this one when it was shown on the forum. Everything seems to be right about it (with XXXX's possible exceptions) and I agree with moving it onto the Library.
I'm sure we will never know who made a lot of these Southern iron-mounted rifles, but the architecture and workmanship on this one are quite enough to warrant its addition to the Library.
Don't think that we will ever get enough southern iron guns to suit us. This one is no exception, it has a number of unique features that make it very attractive. There is a whole world of research to be done on these makers and the Library is an excellent place to start.


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