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Something New For The 2009 WRB Schedule
« on: July 16, 2008, 06:31:35 PM »
We're going to try something new for our local club's White River Brigade Schedule in 2009.

We normally hold shoots from February through October (one a month), then we pretty much all turn our efforts towards hunting in those off months.

Next year were going to open our schedule in February as normal and hold a shoot followed by our March shoot.  During those fisrt two months we are going to offer a sign up for a "Target League" that will run April through August.  

We will shoot the league matches on the same gathering dates, but will also offer those who enter into the league the opportunity to shoot anytime during the league's months if they can not make a scheduled league shoot date.  Anymore it seems as if it is getting harder all the time to get everyone to the range on the same day.

We will give out the April through August "League Target Packet" when folks sign up and they will be responsible for their own targets to bring, or get shot, and have them back to me by the end of each month.

Now we're not reverting away from wanting a monthly gathering, we're just providing a way for those who may not be able to make a shoot - a way to shoot and stay in the game so to speak without loosing interest if they fall behind because they have to miss a scheduled match.  hopefully it will pan out.

Just wanted to share the idea in case anyone else was looking for a potential way to keep club members involved in their monthly matches.  Don't know how it will work out, but we need to try something.  We certainly won't loose anything trying this as we're still maintaining our monthlys. :)