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Samuel Dexter Hinsdale - Illinois (Ref. 090104-2)
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Heavy fullstock "Plains Rifle" made by Samuel Dexter Hinsdale, who worked in Princeton, Bureau County, Illinois 1838-1875. This rifle probably dates from the 1840's. It is quite plain, compared to some of his other known rifles, which usually have full patchboxes, made in the New England style without side rails. This rifle was obviously made to go west, and has seen considerable use. It has some slivers of wood missing along the forend, and shows considerable wear from being carried after the wood was gone. I wouldn't think of restoring it, it is one of those guns that makes you say "If only it could talk!".
Here are the vital statistics on the rifle. I will post some information about Hinsdale himself after the pictures are up. This gun was made seven miles from my house. I drive within a block of where his shop once stood everyday.
Wood:            walnut fullstock
Overall length: 50 1/4"
Barrel length: 34 3/8"
Width across flats at breech:  1 3/16"
Width across flats at muzzle: 1 1/8"
Caliber: approximately .48
Length of pull: 14"
Mountings: brass with poured pewter nosecap
Weight: 12 lbs.

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