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Shaffer 130628-4
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Signed Jacob Shaffer rifle 100% original. Walnut stock I believe. This gun was carried to war by a Confederate soldier named Wythe Graham. I do not know how long or what battles its service consisted of. Shot bag and powder horn remain with the gun as well.


Nice signed Shaffer rifle in great original, untouched conditio This rifle has Shaffer's distinctive thin wrist and nicely shaped guard, and the barrel appears to be uncut. Examples of rifles in this type original condition are infrequently encountered and offer the best hard evidence of a gunmaker's style.
I think there is enough evidence to support this particular Shaffer rifle as being a legitimate Shaffer piece. The gun is definitely early enough and all original, with no obvious "problems" in my opinion. Further, if the Shaffer barrel and guard that got restocked into a North Carolina style rifle is examined, it is apparent that the signed barrel and guard are fully in the style of this all-original Shaffer rifle, giving further support to this all-original rifle being a valid Shaffer piece.
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