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Vincent 131007-1
« on: November 07, 2013, 04:18:59 PM »
A Vincent rifle in fine original condition with a perfect bright bore. The rifle has been shot some but was well cared for. I felt it may be a good addition to the library since it has some nice features not showing on the ones already in the library. I assume this to be by Caleb since it is signed Vincent only, if I am mistaken please correct me.

    curly maple stock
    45 calibre
    36" barrel signed - VINCENT
    unusual adjustable rear sight, center section of sight adjusts separate from base. This appears on a couple of rifles in the Ohio Gunsmiths book.
    o/a length - 52"
    LOP - 12-1/2"
    weight - 11-1/4 lbs.
    entry pipe, thimbles, trigger guard, cap box, side plate, toe plate, butt plate, flash cup, flash guard behind hammer are all brass - all but thimbles and flash guards are engraved, some just simple border engraving.
    pewter nose cap with engraving
    cap box - engraved variation of one in library
    7 silver inlays all engraved


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Looks to me like a classic Vincent/Marietta rifle. This one has a number of refinements that are not always seen on many of his guns and that suggests to me that this piece was specially made for the original owner. It is in very fine condition and everything is first rate.
The rear sight makes me think that this gun was in fairly recent use, e.g. last century, and that is now a part of its history. It should then be left as is: no change outs. The wood is very fine and Vincent paired up the rest of the gun with the chosen maple blank:  enclosed patchbox, and silver inlays with engraving overall. One of the finest I have seen. Vincent's work is seldom mistaken for that of someone else.   I have seen quite a few Vincent rifles, over the years. This one appears to be one of the best.
This is a fine example of Vincent work, with many key Vincent details present to clearly define it as a Vincent rifle. The sharp, streamlined architecture and deeply scooped cheekpiece are characteristics of a Vincent, as is the wavy border engraving found on several areas of the rifle. This is a better than average Vincent with its several well-engraved silver inlays, small but attractive patchbox, and crescent butt plate heavily curved to grab the shooter's arm... it's a great, representative example of Vincent work for the museum.
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