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Deemer, Jacob 131024-1
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My studies have pointed this rifle most likely made in the Easton PA area of Northampton Co. Attributed to Jacob Deemer, born in Bucks Co. PA May 4, 1806, Died Apr. 27, 1870 in Durham, Bucks Co. PA. Deemer is said to have apprenticed under Nicholas Hawk from Gilbert PA.  Other than information passed on to me by fellow collectors, I have been unable to find any written proof of these claims. The rifle still holds its original flintlock which is stamped by it's maker: N.W. Patch who later went on to work as a government arms inspector. His inspector's stamp of NWP can be found on arms of all sorts including the rare and famed 1847 Colt Walker to Civil War era military items. Patch died in 1865.                                                                                                                                                         

Stocked in curly maple having all brass mounts. Barrel is slightly swamped with the breech measuring 1 inch across the flats narrowing to 7\8's inch near center and is 15\16's of an inch at the muzzle end. The barrel is approx. 46 caliber, smooth bore, 39 3\4 inches long and shows no signs of being shortened. Rifle's over all length is 55 1\4 inches with a 13 inch length of pull, butt to trigger. Rifle shows no signs of any repairs or restorations.


A nice, honest looking rifle, by a fairly obscure maker (my favorite kind).  It certainly belongs in the Library. Coincidently, I had a call yesterday, from a guy I know, who has a percussion fullstock, signed "J. D.".  He wants me to come and look at it.

This rifle is typical of a better quality working rifle with patchbox and some engraving, but not an elaborate rifle by any means. I am not familiar with Deemer's work, but the rifle appears to have come from the general area that Deemer worked in. The barrel initials are clear and easy to read which always helps on a rifle when we are not absolutely sure of the maker. This is a good, clean example or a working rifle from eastern PA for the museum.
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