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Jacob Kline Rifle 090121-1
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Pistol Images added for convenience.


There are no better pictures in the owners collection. I did as Randy did and compared the enlarged signatures. The left side of the "l" in Kline is identical, as is the "i" and "n" in my opinion. The tail end of the "e' varies a little.  It seems to me they are close enough to likely be by the same hand; clearly the rifle is W. VA.
I would suggest posting them as probably by the same hand. As some one else suggested, we may get another.

Interesting there is a "A Kline" in Chandler 1 with a different signature.  Chandler Patchbox 2 has a Jacob Kline ( no signature) . 1821-1911.  1849-68 Loyal Hanna Township, Westmoreland Co, PA. After 1868, Knoxville, Iowa ( reference Whisker, Western PA Gunsmiths, P110)

The owner believes this Kline is Hampshire Co, W.VA. and Sellers list one there and a Jacob Kline ( son) in Crawford, Then  McComb, then Findley, Ohio.

Jacob Kline, Sr. worked in Archibald Rutherford's Gun Shop in Harrisonburg, VA. (1809 - 1815) Contracting Military Arms for the State of Virginia. Jacob was also shop foreman & gunsmith. He later removed to Hampshire Co., VA to hang out his own shingle.

Two very nice pieces, to be sure. The pistol is attractive and looks like a nice KY gun, but doesn't really betray its origins. I would guess Southern.
The rifle has many traits of Hampshire County, WVA, but there are differences, as well. The sideplate is much like those used by a number of Ohio builders. Same for the shoulders around the lock and sideplate, (the blunted front and swept back rear, shoulders). The small cap box is not in the strict style of Hampshire County either, just as the engraving and side plates of the patch box do not fall into line with WVA.
Just some conjecturing here, but it could have been made by a maker who ventured North into Ohio to make guns, as several others did.
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