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Antique Kentucky Firearms Library Resources on the ALR Website
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In this area we will post the URLs of (present and archived) articles and scholarly works that enhance the knowledge of the Guns and Gun makers in the Museum. Note: You may have to copy and paste the URL to get to the reference. Please do not reply here; this is a reference site only. Add any comments in the Antique Gun Collecting Board above.

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Please also note that any BOARD  in the ALR site can be searched by "keywords" for more posted information about an area of interest to you. The search Button is in the header above the forum.

NOTICE: if you click on the URL and it does not take you to the referenced forum, copy and paste it into your browser address bar.

Hurricane and Nord

1. North Carolina Schools of Gunsmithing

       a. Bear Creek School by Michael Briggs 

       b.   Most Longrifles from the Davidson and Salem Schools have a beavertail  tab in that location. Here is a couple of examples. ( Posted
by Michael Briggs



        C. North Carolina Gunsmiths moving west by Michael Briggs


        D. Guilford Co: Craft Jackson and Isaac Jones by Michael Briggs


        E. Another Great North Carolina Rifle  by Michael Briggs


        F. Andrew Long Rifle By Robert Pearl


        G.  Rowan School

        H.  The Lower Deep River School        by Michael Briggs


         J.   Gunsmith: William Lamb,   Jamestown School


         K: Gunsmith: Thomas Fletcher Merritt, Jamestown School


          L.   Gunsmith: James M. Wood,   Jamestown School



          M.   Gunsmith: Henry Wright,    Deep River School


           N.   The Guilford and Jamestown Schools
                  ( the complete report   of  Michael Briggs  posted 6/12/09) 


           O.  Henry Ledford , Jamestown School


2 Pennsylvania:
         A.   Beck, J.P    Lebanon, PA   ( Pictures of an original)


                  Frasier Museum  J.P. Beck   


        B.    Leman       Lancaster, PA   ( Pictures of original)



        C.   J. Fleeger       Alllegheny, PA


        D.  Trautman, D. B.     Bedford, Somerset  PA


        E.   Allemangel School   Schneider ?



        F. Hess, Philip    Lehigh Co


        G. Berks County Gunmakers:


        H.  Allentown Gun


        I.  Haga, Wolfgang   Reading/ Wommelsdorf, PA


        J.  Shuler, John     Millerstown, Perry Co and Liverpool, PA



        K.    Moll, John     Allentown, PA


        L.     Kornman, D.    "Upper Susquehanna" School


        M.    Keller, J.          Carlisle, PA


        N.   Lehigh Rifle


         O.  Rupp Attribution as to which family member has been questioned.


          P.    J. P. Beck


           Q.    Henry Sr.,  William


           R.     Beyer, Nicholas,   Lebanon Co, PA


           S.      Roop, J




            T.  Fainot, George Frederick  .....Lancaster, PA


             U.      Martin Meylin


             V.    Lechler, Henry   Lancaster and Carlisle


             W.    McCosh, Samuel


              X  Golcher Family of locksmiths


              Y. The Mysterious Lebanon School:


              Z.  Schools of Gunsmithing in PA...Controversy 



            AA.   The  " Alamengal" School

            BB. "Moravian Gunsmiths"  or "Christian Springs"



            CC: "Bonewitz, John" by Henry Bishop


             DD: Beck, Christian


              EE:  Slaysman, George (father) and Charles ( son)


             FF:   The Brass Barrel Rifle and the Musician Rifle


             GG:   Strawick, Andrew 

3. Kentucky:

        A.  Riser, Jacob        Bardstown, Kentucky


4.  Illinois

        A.     Hunt, Thomas         Illinois ( and Ohio)


5.     Indiana

         A. McClellan, William of Albion, Indiana

6.     New York

           A. Hudson Valley Fowler ( Very early)



7.        Fowler  ( Southern)

            a. Southern Fowler discussion and example:

8.            New Hampshire Gunsmiths


9.             Virginia

              A. Frederick Kleet


10           Ohio

               A. Nathaniel Clark   , Miamisburg, Ohio


               B. Small, John        Vincennes, OH


11.          Vermont
              A.   Belknap, John


12.          Georgia:

              A.  Suttels, William


13.       Tennesssee

              A.    Bean Family History

14. Alabama
              a. Barlow, J.M.     Family History


     RESTORATION: discussions of interest   ]                   

      1.   Related to a Jamestown Gun and guns in general
       2.   Cleaning     


        3. The picture story of the Restoration of a gun attributed to "Peter Kunz"


    Opinions and Miscellaneous Topics about Kentucky Longrifle Subjects

         a. Side opening patchboxes by E. Kettenberg


         b.  The gun: Art or Weapon?


         c. "Fishbelly Stocks" by C. Johnson


        d.   "Stewardship vs Ownership"   by "flintriflesmith"

        e. Henry Kauffman: An early Kentucky Rifle scholar
                      A tribute to an old friend by Wayne Heckert

        F.  Antique Arms and Investing


        G. Discussion on Rifle Barrel  signatures


        H.  An analytic approach to evaluating an unsigned gun as
                     to its maker, school or region is contained
                     in the comments below this pictured rifle.


        J.     Back Action Locks


        h.    To Polish or not to polish old brass and silver on a gun A   
                           A debate!


        1.       Division of Gun Building Work in the early days


         M.     Origin of Percussion Ignition


         N.      " Identifying a Restock"   

          O. Gun Barrels and Metals in Colonial Times:


           P.   Identifying wood origins of stocks


            Q. Lockmakers and Flintlock ID


             R.   Living Relatives of Known longrifle smiths


             S.  The dilemma of identifying  an unsigned PA long rifle a discussion:


              T. The Lehigh Indian Head


               U.   Diary of a Longrifle Collector




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