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Upper Susquehanna 140216-2
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This is an interesting rifle that is worthy of inclusion in the library.  The inlay is found on at least four documented Upper Susquehanna rifles.   I would attribute this rifle to the bench of Zachariah Albright during his Centre County residence.
Yes indeed, this a very nice 'up river' rifle with a lot of good iconography on it. Not sure why Indian representations appear on a number of later rifles, (with a fair number of those coming from this school), since the 'Indian problem' had long been disposed of. This gun has a nice patina overall and hasn't been touched with steel wool, or Brasso. Some numbers would be helpful in determining the size, barrel length, and other dimensions of the piece. It appears to be an original percussion from the 1840s, sometime. It is a great candidate for the Virtual Library and it should be sent there without delay.

It's a great rifle for the museum for all its interesting inlay work...whenever human figures are depicted in inlay work, it captures a little more of the time period the gun was made in, adding interest and value to the gun. The condition is a non-factor in this case, since the elaborate patchbox and great inlay work present this rifle well. The engraving looks strange to me for this rifle, and I wonder if it was added later...just doesn't seen to go with a distinctively Upper Susquahanna rifle, at least in my mind.
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