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Hunsicker, Henry 140216-5
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Henry Hunsicker (Hurwicker, Hunnsickler)
Born:  1798 Northampton County, Pennsylvania
Died:  1859 Hartley Township, Union County, Pennsylvania
Henry Hunsicker worked as a gunsmith in Hartley Township, Union County, Pennsylvania, circa 1844.  Earlier he worked in Macungie Township in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.  Records indicate that Henry Hunsicker had a son, also named Henry Hunsicker (Jr?), born about 1820, that worked in related trades.  Henry Jr. is listed in the 1850 census for Hartley Township with the occupation of “Moulder”.  In 1870 census for Hartley Township he gave his occupation as “Machinist”.  According to the 1880 census he was living in nearby Chillisquaque Township, Northumberland County.  In this census Henry Jr. gave his occupation as “Pattern Maker”.  By 1900 Henry Jr. was back in Hartley Township of Union County.  In the 1900 census he listed his occupation again as “Pattern Maker”.


Married Anna Maria Saip about 1820. 

“Mr. Mirkel married, January 21, 1851, in Chester, Maria Hunsicker, born October 9, 1833, daughter of Henry Hunsicker, a foundryman from near Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and his wife, Mary (Saip) Hunsicker, whose children were:  1. Mary, born 1821; married William Borden, both deceased.  2. Caroline, born 1823; married John Postle, whom she yet survives, a resident of Sigourney, Iowa.  3. Harriet, born 1825, deceased; married Frederick Borhek.  4. Helen, born 1827; married Levi Mercer, both deceased.  5. Leven, born 1829, died in Monroe, Louisiana, a city of which he was mayor for two terms; he married Mary Myers.  6. Henry, born 1831; an inventor; both he and his wife Barbara are deceased.  7. Maria, wife of Thomas H. Mirkel.  8. Sarah, born 1835, died young.  9. Missouri, died young.  10. A son, died in infancy.”
Ref. A History of Delaware County Pennsylvania and its People, by John W. Jordan, 1914, p. 1100.   

Henry Hunsicker is listed as a resident of Mucungie Township in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania in the Federal Census for years 1820 and 1830.  The Federal Census of 1840 lists Henry Hunsicker as a resident in Bethlehem, Northampton County, Pennsylvania. 

1850 Federal Census, Pennsylvania, Union County, Hartley Township
Henry Hunsicker, age 52, occupation “Gunsmith”, born PA; Marvine, age 11; Levi Messer


A very pretty rifle that does not strictly follow the design pattern that H.H. is generally known for. Quite likely that this rifle is a Union County product as it has different architecture, engraving, and inlays than he employed while in Lehigh County. Rifle is in great condition and the stock has wonderful color and figure. The side plate is quite different from both Union and Lehigh designs further suggesting that Hunsicker had left behind styles used earlier in his career. Would like to see more of his work done in Union County.

I am not familiar with Henry Hunsicker's work, but I like this rifle and it looks like a PA rifle to I'll accept the attribution of the initials. This is a nice rifle with maker's initials, great condition, no apparent signs of alterations or "unmentioned" restoration or modifications. I like to see them like they don't raise a lot of questions if they go into the virtual museum. I do note the single bolt on a late flintlock. It is not overly common in PA, but is common in KY and farther south where I collect, so I don't have any great qualms about it being flint despite the single bolt...only with the caveat that in PA this is less frequent and we don't have a good enough photo of the lock to make a final judgment on its originality.
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