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Method To Hold A Horn While Working it
« on: April 01, 2014, 04:13:47 PM »
  I tried many different ways before I came up with this way to hold a horn, others may use it as well. Take a piece of Pine and cut it ¾ X ¾ and about 18” long. Then cut a strap of leather that will wrap 2/3 to ½ way down it. If you don’t have a piece long enough used a couple, tack it at the top and bottom. To use it wet the  part with the leather on it, run it under the faucet, warm water will work quicker, once it is wet jam the horn down on it, you want the leather to touch at the base of the horn. Once wet I hold the thorn straight up and bang the end of the stick on the back of the vice to really jam it in there. One thing; I do not cut the base of a horn until it is completely shaped. Holding a horn like this I am able to use both hands and if you mark the stick 1 – 4 you will know where you are and also make it easier to do paneled horns. It holds so good that I am able to use a spoke shave to rough out a horn.     

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