Author Topic: Michigan Gunsmiths from the 18th through the early 20th Centuries by James Kelly  (Read 4775 times)

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This is the third edition of our book, Michigan Gunsmiths from the 18th through the early 20th Centuries. by James Kelly and Dorr N. Wiltse, Jr.

This one is about 50 pages larger than the 2nd edition.

Michigan Gunsmiths from the 18th through the early 20th Centuries

Includes over 900 names associated with the firearms business in that period. Black & white, with five color plates. Third edition, hardbound, about 350 pages of gunsmiths plus 30 pages history, references &c. Dorr N. Wiltse, Jr. has studied Michigan rifles for over 60 years, and I for over a decade.
Price $65 + $5 shipping, USPS ground. Check to: James Kelly, 514 Harrison Street, Rochester, Michigan 48307-1916

Charles Lindberg's Sons Managers, continued

This unique specimen is from the collection of Bud Vierson

note German silver details - the trigger, forend cap with integral entry thimble.

Billed in 1943, this is the last documented muzzle loader made in Michigan by a professional gunsmith. Dr. William H. Barnum of Fremont, for whom it was made, died about the time it was delivered. This, and the brown temper colors on the nipple indicate that it may never have been shot.  Dr. Barnum was born  February 3, 1872, died suddenly September 4, 1943, of cerebral hemorrhage. He is buried in Ashland Center Cemetery, Grant, Michigan Block A Lot 66 grave #1. He lived all his life in Newaygo County with wife Mabel Peets Barnum, whom he married March 10, 1897. They had no children.
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