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James Rinehart, born 1811 in Virginia, Died 1883. James Rinehart was a Gunsmith in Hampshire County WV, (VA) from at least 1835-1848. In about 1848 he left Hampshire County to go West to Ross County Ohio. While in Hampshire County James bought Zebulon Sheetz's land. More than likely this included Zebulon's gunshop.James usually marked his guns J R on barrel flat in block letters.While his brother John W Rinehart would sign his JWR or J W Rinehart in script. One thing of note. There seems to be more surviving Rinehart Rifles  than  those of any other maker.This rifle has a 41 inch barrel. Hampshire County makers were rather fond of the acorn patchbox & Roman nose.  These two features became popular in HC from about 1825 or a little later through the end of gunmaking in Hampshire County.


This rifle has very pleasing architecture, with just the right amount of "Roman nose".  A good example of Rhinehart's work. 
This is an outstanding example of a Hampshire County, WVA gun and it is in flint as well. The condition is just as good as one could hope for and the coloration is very pleasing. A fair number of the later pieces from this school seem to have short, (shortened?), barrels but this one has good length. It has the added desirability of bearing the makers initials, when many seem to be unsigned. These rifles are in a class by themselves, much as Beford rifles are
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