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L.G. Ward Springfield, IL 090201-2
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"L G Ward Springfield, Ill" rifle. The signature is on the barrel key escutcheon, which is a bit unusual, but definitely is the maker. I have a second Ward rifle which is signed on both the barrel and lock. I will be sending pictures of it also. They are the only two known. Both have a plate opposite the lock with the original owner's name. This one is also signed by the engraver ( William Fairthorne) on top of the buttplate and is dated 1854 on the toe plate.
Overall length:             50 5/8"
Barrel length              33 1/2"
 Width across flats:    1 1/8" no taper
Caliber:                      approximately .50
Length of pull:            13 5/8"
Weight:                     10 lbs. 14 1/2 oz. 

I forgot to mention the rifling in th LG Ward rifle. It is cut with six grooves, wide grooves - narrow lands. Both L G Ward rifles are six groove with a fairly fast twist ( I did not measure the twist).
Biographical information is practically non-existant on L G Ward. He arrived in Springfield after 1850 and departed before 1860. His architecture certainly suggests that he learned the trade in New York state. William Fairthorne, who engraved this rifle (and no doubt the other one also) is listed in the 1850 census in New York City. Whether he subsequently moved west and engraved the rifles here, or had them shipped to him to be engraved is not known. Fairthorne could not be found in the 1860 census. The 1850 census lists Fairthorne's occupation as "engraver". He was born in England. As far as finding information on the owner, Henry G. Smith, there were half a dozen Henry Smiths in every populated county in the United States.

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