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***Buy and sell here at your own risk. ALR can not vouch for the truthfulness of any of the member ads that are posted here on ALR. Always remember that there are always crooks trying to steal money from others! Know who you are dealing with!***

In order to post free "For Sale or Trade" items you must have been an ALR Member for at least 30 days.  ALR members may post items for sale for non-member friends, but the ALR member must handle the sale.  Referrals to a non-member are not allowed.  "Want to Buy" ads can be posted by new member without the 30 day wait. All items that are listed here must comply with ALR rules as written in "ALR Rules and Policies" shown here : NO CARTRIDGE GUNS ARE ALLOWED

All ads, including trades and want-to-buy, must have prices included in the ad. For items listed for trade your estimate of its value should be posted.  Want-to-buy ads must state a price range or maximum you are willing to pay.

You may not use this forum to direct folks to your online Ebay, Gunbroker or similiar website but you may list the same items here as a stand alone ad from which ALR members may purchase the item. Links are allowed to photos of the item/s you have for sale here on ALR i.e. Photobucket, Flicker, personal website etc.

Replies to an advertisement that are not specifically related to the purchase, sale, or trade, of the item advertised are not allowed and will be removed by the Moderators.

ALR members buy and sell at their own risk, ALR does not assume any liability for items sold or purchased through this free service to ALR members.
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