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Jaeger Sporting Rifle Late Percussion Period ( German?) 090208-2



It may not be a "Kentucky", but it is definitely a cousin of one. I guess I'll have to submit my "Illinois Jaeger" made by George Beuttenmuller, Chicago, Illinois. (But it looks like it might have been made in the Black Forest by elves) Jim Whisker included mine in his book "Behold The Longrifle", on page 138.

This is a really interesting gun which shares all the decorative features of a good KY Rifle. We lose the whole package in the barrel, and a good maple stock, however.

Hurricane ( of Virginia):
This gun is actually a flintlock converted to percussion. The makers mark is stamped in the barrel just ahead of the breech. It is a shield that reads
" Jos Renner." Records record a J. Renner working in Germany in early 1700s.
Perhaps this gun is by that Renner.


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