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Long day over the Chrony
« on: October 06, 2014, 12:53:44 AM »
While out doing some FPS checks a friend of mine, I decided to do a little extra while out there. I would do 3 shots with the shades on, 3 without the shade and towards the end, I started seating the ball REAL hard until I could not get it to compress anymore. You talk about a BIG difference in velocity when you compress Goex!  Without compressing you were looking at 1,519 FPS AVG, with compressing super tight, the FPS dropped to around 1,345 FPS! My eyes bugged out of my head when that started happening LOL.


Distance - 100 yards

70-80-90 2f Goex

.020" lubed with Frog lube and later on with Mink Oil ( I like the mink oil best)

.570" homecast ball with a lyman mold ( Weighed in at 277-278.8 grains)

Remington #11 percussion caps

All in all, the 58 Hawken was still chewing up that 100 yard target after 16 shots! Lowest shots were with 70gr Goex, Middle shots in the upper bulls eye were 80gr and the highest that runs into the 80gr charge is my 90gr group. The rifle shot excellent with swabbing between shots. I am super tired right now, so, It is time to clean the rifle and take a nap.

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Re: Long day over the Chrony
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Good grouping & shooting with 3 different loads yet. Wouldn't have thought it possible.
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