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Small, S. (Ohio) 121107-3
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This Samuel Small gun has a 36 barrel of about 45 Cal which appears to be original length. It appears to always have been a cap lock. From my notes Small worked in Columbiana County Ohio from 1814-1902.  I believe there is a considerable amount of information on Small in the Ohio books and there was also a news letter on the Small family.



Obviously a nice rifle, in untouched condition.  The old repair on the wrist adds character.

A 'not so small,' Small rifle in what apears to be 'as found' condition. There are many nice, refinements and details present on this piece that show Small to be a meticulous builder. The trigger guard is a good example of this care to detail, in all aspects. The inlays are tasteful and well installed into the wood. This is as good an example of an Eastern Ohio rifle as one could hope to find. It is very representative of what an Ohioian calls to mind when the subject is raised.

This is a later percussion Samuel Small rifle that is well constructed, has good decoration for its time period, but lacks much of the decorative carving and engraving of Small's ealier Ohio work. This is a good example of his later work for the museum that shows Small's crisp stocking, but the viewer must keep in mind it does not show the true creative and/or decorative abilities of Samuel Small that is so clearly displayed in his earlier work.
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