Author Topic: Notes >From a Small Iowa Rifleshop by Steve "Bookie" Bookout  (Read 6747 times)

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Notes >From a Small Iowa Rifleshop by Steve "Bookie" Bookout
« on: January 27, 2015, 11:32:30 PM »


This old book's been around the world and then some.  After a few thousand copies were sold it was allowed to go out of print, but after much soul-searching, it's back!  But on CD.  The CD is essentially the same as the book, but improved upon and expanded.  Many of the line drawings are gone and replaced with color photos.  Several new tips and projects have been added, but nothing complicated.  For those of you who are familiar with the book, I've added my Great Uncle Oscar's photograph from early in the 20th Century so you can see what he looked like.  The CD is in PDF format with both Auto-Start & Read Me features compatible with Windows 7 as a minimum.   If you want your copy signed, please let me know.  It's unknown just how long this CD will be available for purchase, so get a copy while you can!  Please note: This CD is not formatted for overseas.

The DVD's topics have been expanded and many line drawings have been replaced with colored photographs to provide more detail.

Each copy is $15 via PayPal or $13 in US funds delivered in continental US.  Please make your check out to: Steve Bookout, 1600 W. 14th St. S., Newton, Iowa 50208     Sorry, but I can only accept checks drawn on US banks.  Fees charged to cash/process checks drawn on banks outside the US are 450% more than what the book costs you.  Pay Pal is accepted and is preferred.   Send $15  for "goods or services" via Pay Pal to: .

Overseas postage will vary.  Please contact me for specifics.[/center]
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