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H. Lehman 090128-1
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H Leman

According to SMALL ARMS MAKERS by Robert Gardner, Henry E. Leman was born in Lancaster Pennsylvania, March 8, 1812.  He apprenticed to Melchior Fordney at 16-years of age, to serve 3-years.  He was employed by George W. Tryon at Philadelphia from 1831 to 1834.  Leman returned to Lancaster in 1834 and established the Conestoga Rifle Works at the corner of Walnut and Cherry Alley. 

This rifle is signed LEMAN LANCTR PA. On the lock and LEMAN LANCASTER WARRANTED on the barrel.  As is typical for his rifles, the stock is plain Maple with faux striping to simulate curl.  The barrel is a full 48-inches long and is slightly tapered from 0.920 at the breech to 0.858 at the muzzle.  The bore measures .295.  The length of pull is 13 -inches.  There is an extra nipple tied to the rear of the trigger guard with a small wire. 


This is a good example of a Leman low cost rifle probably made for the local trade. The long barrel and the small squirrel caliber suggest that is was not the typical Western gun. The lack of a patch box and other refinements support the economy aspect of this gun.
Interestingly, if you rasie the subject of the 'Lancaster Rifle' to the folks in Lancaster, PA, they will bring up the Leman, as that gun. Seems that he is more popular at home than Fordney, Dickert and the other fine makers who worked there.

It is a good example of a Leman for the Museum. It's typical of his lower cost guns, with the artificial striping still vivid on the butt.


Here is a biography, picture and advertisement of Conestoga Rifle Works and Henry Leman:  ( Note the spelling on the barrel is "Leman")
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