Author Topic: New book by James R Johnston - Accouterments IV in full color  (Read 5671 times)

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I was advised that Jim Johnston has a new book out, the title is Accouterments Four.  It is in full color, he had purchased his copy at the Log Cabin Shop. Suspect it will be available elsewhere.

I recently received the following additional information.
"For those who collect or use antiques for inspirations whether small accouterments, guns, powder horns or leather goods this is a much anticipated issue. As I already have the first 3 issues I suppose I will get this one too. Right now if he attends a show or ML store to sell/sign them as I understand he has yet to sell via retailer/wholesaler and relies on selling from his home. However, he will be at the CLA show in August to sign and sell them and should be in the $80 range. If you opt to send for a copy to his home it will cost $90 ppd. Did I mention this issue is in color photography?"
Mr. Jim Johnston
PO Box 366
Ashley, Ohio 43003


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