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Edward Kline Rifle
« on: July 21, 2008, 06:30:40 AM »
I recently acquired a rifle by a gunsmith who worked about twenty miles from where I live. I already owned two other rifles by Edward Kline, one of them a fairly fancy target rifle with false muzzle, the other a heavy .50 caliber "Plains Rifle". Kline was an exceptionally talented gunsmith, and had quite a reputation as a maker of long range target rifles. These he referred to in his ads as "eighty-rod guns".

Kline arrived in Henry, Marshall County. Illinois, before 1854 and worked there until about 1877, when he moved to Steator, LaSalle County, Illinois. He continued to work at his trade in Streator until 1887, when he sold his shop to E. C. VanLoon and retired from business.

The rifle I recently acquired is a hunting rifle, rather than a target rifle, but is very pleasing to the eye. It combines nice archicture with a beautiful piece of maple, and a tastefull amount of silver. The hand forged trigger guard appears to have been intended for use by a gloved hand, and is both unique and very well done.

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Re: Edward Kline Rifle
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Curt, allow me as a once and sometimes Illinoisian, to congratulate you on finding a real winner in a field that has a lot of qualified competitors. Thank you for putting it up for display and letting us all take a look at a very fine Illinois rifle.
Wish I could join you at the coming Show, but as usual the timing for me seems to be wrong. One of these years though!
All the best-Dick