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Here's some pictures of a horn a friend asked me to post.

He says "This horn only recently came into the collecting world. . It has a 3 inch diameter butt plug and an outside curve length of 18 inches.. The wood powder measure came with the horn."

About the only other thing I can say is Wow! What a great looking horn!


Super NICE powderhorn your friend has John!  I really like all of it's details and the scrim puts it over the top!  Any ideas as to where it was made? The turned plug cries out York County to me.

I REALLY like that eyeball, it just pops out at you. And the 1823 date on it helps to prove it's age. Who would pick 1823 as a date on a faked horn?

Thanks so much for posting these pictures of this fine horn. Well worth studying by anyone interested in the art of horn making. The throat is so well done on this horn and the bands just add to the fine detail. This is a beautiful piece and Thank your friend for sharing with us.


WOW!!  That horn is the top of the line! I don't believe I've ever seen a better banded horn.


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